UncategorizedWhy Should You Choose Hiring Professional Drainage Contractors Instead Of Using Drainage Chemicals

February 8, 2022by admin

Blocked pipes or drains can be extremely unpleasant and inconvenient. If this happens, many of us reach for the chemical drain cleaner for a quick, cheap fix and hope it does what it says on the bottle.

Chemical drain unblockers contain dangerous chemicals including sulphuric acid and sodium hydroxide. These work by reacting with the blockage, breaking it into smaller pieces, so that they can move down and out the pipe. The chemicals are extremely dangerous, corrosive chemicals. On contact with skin, they cause serious chemical burns, if you inhale fumes, you can damage your respiratory system and have trouble breathing.

In addition to the serious problems these chemicals have on people and the environment, another serious problem does not only do these chemicals react with the blockages, but they also react with plastic, old and damaged pipes, corroding them. The pipes are literally destroyed as they are eaten away by the corrosive chemicals. Consequently, damaged and destroyed pipes lead to holes and then leaks. If the leak is under your house or in your walls, the relatively small problem of a blocked pipe or drain has evolved into a huge, expensive problem involving digging under floors and in walls. Not to mention the cost of replacing things with water damage, like expensive appliances, furniture, and carpets.

Hiring professionals may seem like an expensive solution for a small problem, but choosing to hire a professional company could well save you from the stress and cost of having to replace your entire plumbing system later on. Professional drain unblockers do not use chemical cleaners but more environmental and pipe-friendly methods.

So in the short run, it may seem more convenient and economical to use chemical unblockers, but in the long run, you are setting yourself up for much more inconvenience and expense.