UncategorizedWhat’s the Difference Between ABS and PVC Pipe? ABS & PVC Piping Provide Different Advantages

June 9, 2022by admin

When it comes to home plumbing projects, there are many reasons why homeowners and plumbers decide to use plastic pipes in their plumbing projects. Plastic pipes are inexpensive, lightweight and will never corrode, three immediate benefits that are obviously worthwhile. 

As well as being ideal for keeping hot water hot, and the fact that they do not collect condensation from cold water, they do not have the defects that metal pipes do. With all this said, not all plastic pipes are the same. The two most common in use today are ABS and PVC, with important differences to note. 

Strengths & Weaknesses of Plastic Pipes
Telling  ABS and PVC apart is easy if you know what to look for. Put simply,  ABS pipes are black and PVC pipes are white. Even so, as pipes are not designed to be visible, plumbers are usually more interested in the other qualities that they bring. One example of this is the fact that PVC is more flexible, but ABS is stronger and more shock resistant.

On the plus side for ABS is the fact that it is much better at dealing with severely cold temperatures. Even so, it can warp with exposure to direct sunlight. PVC is often said to be better at muffling the sound of running water. In terms of cost versus performance, the two types are priced similarly. 

Working with ABS or PVC Piping
Most plumbers and home DIY enthusiasts will know that working with these materials is different in each case. One of the most noticeable differences is the fact that ABS piping has a one-step process for connecting pipes. This is converse to the PVC process which has two steps. There are other differences, so feel free to contact us if you want to know more.