UncategorizedTips For Preventing Freezing Drain Pipes This Winter

January 27, 2022by admin

No one enjoys the hassle of a frozen drain pipe, and many do not understand the serious nature of the problem. A frozen drain pipe can cause a significant build-up of pressure, which may result in burst pipes and resulting flooding damage. With potential pressure building to over 2,000 pounds per square inch, frozen pipes are highly susceptible to bursting and causing expensive water damage to your property. In order to avoid costly emergency plumbing repairs, it is very important that London homeowners do as much as possible to keep pipes thawed and prevent freezing during winter. 

Causes of frozen pipes during winter

Your home’s plumbing will always retain a small bit of water within the pipes, even with the taps turned off. As such, when temperatures drop below freezing, the retained water will freeze and block drains or water supply pipes. 

Ensure your drains are clear

Nothing puts a halt to household duties like a clogged drain. If the clog is caused by a serious build-up of debris in the drain, your pipes are susceptible to cracking or even a full burst. If pipes become damaged, your home may face serious flood damage. By hiring a preventative drainage cleaning London based crew to preemptively clear any build-up, you can rest easy during the winter months. 

Plumbing Inspections

Attentive London homeowners will consider scheduling an annual drain survey. The inspection involves high-tech CCTV cameras that will snake through your plumbing and provide real-time visual information about drain status. The inspection will show any problem areas that can be addressed precisely and accurately.