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Drainage Cleaning London - Your trusted emergency plumbers!

When it comes to quality plumbing in London, Drainage Cleaning London is the company to call and the team you can trust. Our local plumbers London are on hand to respond quickly and get your work done efficiently.

Thanks to our years of invaluable industry experience we are able to offer a wide and inclusive range of plumbing service London customers, from installation work to repair and more.

As an established and reliable plumbing company London, we offer services to both residential as well as commercial clients, meaning that no job is too small or large scale.

Thanks to the expertise of our accredited, experienced professional local plumbers London we offer a timely and cost efficient emergency service, so when the unexpected happens, we can be there quickly and get things fixed in no time.

For a repair, emergency plumbing London service, contact us today.

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Plumbing Contractor London

Proper Licensing

When it comes to hiring a plumbing contractor London, your first point of order is to ascertain whether they are licensed, certified, and insured for the work they are being asked to do. For any plumbing service London at your home or business, a fully accredited tradesman is the only person who should be doing the work, for both quality and safety reasons.

Business Experience

Whenever you want plumbing or emergency plumbing work done in London, search for a local plumber that has a good number of years of experience. The more experience, the better the plumbing service is likely to be, that is usually the rule of thumb.


Before you agree to any plumbing service London, be sure to get a clear quote that can be trusted and signed off on. Though there are rare exceptions, the price of local plumbers London usually determines the quality of the work you will get. That said fixing service can vary in price, so make sure anyone you work with offers a truly competitive price that reflects industry standards.


All local plumbers London should have reliable, high quality references ready to show you before you secure their services. Ask for them up front, before any plumbing work is started.


Prior to signing any agreement with local plumbers London, be sure to ask them what type of warranty they offer, and make sure they are willing to stand behind their work and all their service. Whether it is regular, scheduled plumbing work, or emergency plumbing that you need anywhere in London, contact us today for a plumbing service you can trust at prices you will appreciate.

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Emergency Plumbing London

When the unexpected happens, our emergency plumbing service London is here to take the stress away and get your issues fixed. From leaks to burst pipes and more, our local plumbers London offer swift service and great results.

Plumbing Repair London

Whether it’s plumbing repair London in your home, or crucial repair at your commercial site, call us for a timely response and guaranteed results. Our experts will be on site quickly and restore things for your with minimum disruption.

Plumbing Installation London

From large scale plumbing installation London projects properties to smaller, but equally important plumbing installation work, our local plumbers London have the design and technical expertise to deliver the results you want at a price you can appreciate.

Commercial Plumbing London

Our team of local plumbers London have years of industry experience when it comes to commercial plumbing work on large and small scale projects. For expertly designed and professionally completed commercial plumbing London, we are the team to call.

Domestic Plumbing London

We know how important people’s homes are to them, which is why we offer a range of domestic plumbing service. Done to a schedule that suits you, our home plumbing London is cost and time efficient, delivering customer satisfaction.

Bathroom Plumbing London

Whether you need a brand new plumbing installation London at your property, or much needed plumbing repair, our local specialists can offer advice and service that will help your project be a success. For guaranteed domestic plumbing service London, contact us today.

Why Choose Licensed Plumbers In London
for any type of Emergency Plumbing?

When it comes to plumbing in London, Plumar Plumber and Drainage does it all. We know that homeowners can do small things like meter reading and changing tap washers, but our plumbing service in London is there when the job is bigger and you need to call in the professionals.

Whether it’s commercial or domestic, our emergency plumbing in London is there to make sure you don’t have a small problem that becomes an even bigger one. Our plumbing contractor team in London boasts years of plumbing experience, allowing them to diagnose and fix things in a hurry. Choosing licensed local plumbers in London safes stress and gives peace of mind that the work will be done to the highest standard.

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Plumar Plumbing Company offering
a range of Plumbing Repair London Services

When you need plumbing service in London, Plumar Plumbing and Drainage is the company to call with the team you can trust. Whether a small job or a large, urgent problem, our team of local plumbers in London have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix things quickly and safely, with no fix no pay as our promise.

As a trusted plumbing company in London, we know that you need a plumbing service you can rely on, which is why we work hard to keep customers satisfied and only ever use Gas Safe Engineers for all our plumbing service in London. Our plumbing contractor team in London works with different brands and models, so call us whatever you may need.

Plumbing Contractors: Typical Issues We Encounter

Faulty Faucets 
When it comes to plumbing issues in London, a dripping tap can drive you mad, with the constant drip an ongoing irritation. Without a quick plumbing service at your London home, this will add to your water bill, so getting your taps fixed quickly is a must, for cost and your sanity.

Leaking Pipes
Leaking pipes are a common reason for customers using our plumbing service in London, especially at older properties. Though PEX is now commonly used in pipes, older copper can leak in extreme temperatures, but our emergency plumbing team in London is on hand to get leaks fixed quickly.

Toilet Issues
As far as plumbing in London homes and business goes, few things are as important as toilets, and getting plumbing service on them is critical to avoid leakages and other issues that can cause a real problem, not to mention a nasty smell.

Worn Out Hose Bibb
A hose bibb is not built to last through multiple seasons, especially through frosty winters, when it will quickly lose integrity and crack from the change in temps. If this happens, your hose will leak all over the place, so call our emergency plumbing team in London for a quick, reliable fix.

Clogs and Partial Clogs
Our local plumbers in London often visit customers who are frustrated by clogged pipes, with the worst of these situations being ones that require a pipe snake done by a professional. Another reason for people calling our plumbing service to their London home is clogged sinks and drains, which need urgent attention.

Sump Pump
Sump pumps tend to fail when there’s a lot of heavy rain or snow, which is why our local plumbers in London recommend regular maintenance and full plumbing service, as an improperly installed pump will work harder and wind up failing eventually.

No Hot Water
Being without hot water is nasty, there’s never a good time for it, which is why we are a local plumbing company in London that offers quick response times to make sure you have hot water restored quickly.

Sewer Problems
Our local plumbers in London call this one of their least favorite plumbing problems to have to diagnose, as when sewer systems get backed up the smells they produce are dreadful. Plumbing in London homes and businesses can help avoid this.

Water Line Break
Winter frost is the single biggest issue when it comes to a water line break, as a small leak in your water line will allow the frost to break it completely. Our local plumbers in London are on hand to help with that.

Water Pressure Too Weak
Weak water pressure is one of jhte most irritating plumbing issues London homeowners face. Our local plumbers in London are here to fix that if the low pressure does not fix itself, which it sometimes does.

What makes our plumbing company
& local plumbers London Unique?

From our superior customer service when you contact us, to our team of local plumbers in London that put customer requirements first, our unique plumbing service is trusted and reliable. Whether it’s a large plumbing project at your townhouse or a selection of our plumbing services at your London commercial premises, our cost efficient work will get you the results you want at a price you will appreciate.

As a renowned plumbing company in London, our unique combination of quality work and customer focused service ensures that all our plumbing is completed to the highest industry standards, without exception. Along with our general plumbing service, we offer a swift and rapid emergency plumbing option for London customers both commercial and residential, giving peace of mind as well as lasting results. For a range of plumbing service, plumbing repair and emergency plumbing in London, contact us today and let us get your job done.