UncategorizedIs it the Landlord’s Responsibility to Unblock Drains?

October 13, 2021by admin

When it comes to drain unblocking, London tenants and landlords need to make sure that it is understood in terms of who is responsible. If you are a tenant who is currently renting, or a landlord dealing with a maintenance issue request, deciding where the responsibility lies when it comes to drainage cleaning can be a contentious issue.

In some cases, if the drain unblocking is needed due to a blockage caused by the tenant, if they perhaps poured  fat down the sink or flushed wet wipes or unfit materials down the drain, the drain unblocking at their place could be their issue to deal with.

That said, a tenant could argue that the drainage system and drain unblocking responsibility is is part of the structure of the property which makes it the landlord’s responsibility. When it comes to drainage systems and drain blockage, we are not just referring to the pipes within your property, as your system will run throughout your property, underground and then connect to the main sewers.

Who Is Responsible for Drain Repairs?
At Plumar, we know that much of our drainage company work in London is drain repair, and in many cases, both parties are right in what they’re saying in terms of who is responsible for arranging this drainage company service. For example, if the tenant has been putting cooking oil down the sink causing the need for drain unblocking,  why should the landlord foot the bill? That said, how does the landlord know that the drain unblocking issue is the tenants’ fault in the first place?

What’s Going Down the Drain?
When it comes to drain unblocking, landlords aren’t required to repair things that tenants have broken through misuse or carelessness.