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Gutter Cleaning

Our gutters are often forgotten and neglected, however having blocked gutters can lead to serious problems and much expense

About Gutter Cleaning Services

Blocked gutters inevitably lead to blocked drains and hefty bills. Plumar is a reputable, leading drainage company with years of experience in drainage services. Our range of services covers gutter and drain cleaning, drain unblocking, and drain survey work. Dirty gutters can lead to serious leaks and water damage. Our modern machinery removes all water, mud, plants, and debris that accumulate within the gutters. We also clean the lower level drains, ensuring clean gutters and drains and no blockages.

The Process

Our experienced workers know the procedures and the correct specialist tools and equipment that are needed to get the dirty gutters and drains clean with ease. Using specific ladders, trowels and power washers, makes the job go efficiently and smoothly.

Minor Repairs

If rainwater penetrates your roof it can lead to floods, water damage and more serious problems like: roof damage, roof rot, foundation problems and damage to the roof structure. During cleaning of the gutters, any minor damage should be repaired, such as small holes and rust, to prevent future problems

Cleaning Outflows

Gutters often get full of all sorts of debris, leaves, branches and other debris from the wind, paper cups, plastic bags. It is the accumulation of this debris that leads to blocked and overflowing gutters. While we perform a gutter clean ask about our combined price soffit and roof clean.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters need to be cleaned once or twice a year, after autumn. If you have a lot of trees around your property it is a good idea to clean the gutters again in spring. Book your regular gutter clean today, we will make sure all your gutters are completely clean.

Hire A Proffesional Gutter Cleaning Today!

In addition to all the serious problems blocked gutters cause, such as: flooding, structural problems, roof damage and others, they also contribute to the external appearance of your home. Rather than do the dangerous job yourself, perched on a ladder, hiring professionals to clean your gutters efficiently and safely is a sensible choice. Professionals know how to clean the gutters safely and they know what to look for in terms of any minor damage that will need repairing.