UncategorizedGetting Your Drains And Pipes Winter Ready

November 19, 2021by admin

With winter approaching, whether we like it or not, the often harsh weather elements can put our homes under some extra strain and make drainage cleaning all the more important. Below you will find our tips on maintaining your drains and pipes during the colder months.

Make sure your Drains are Clear and Healthy
During winter nobody wants an unexpected drain blockage as a problem. Making sure your drainage system is up to date, as you do not want to have to deal with and suffer the cost of a drain clearance or blocked drain anytime, let alone during the winter months. As well as anything else, a blocked drain can cause bigger problems in your home, so get a drain clearance at your property regularly.

Blitz your Kitchen sink with Boiling Water
The colder temperatures in your home can reach your pipes, meaning any traces of fats and oils are more likely to solidify and harden. Occasionally, flush boiling water from the kettle down your sink to remove any minor build up and help prevent blockages.

Insulate your Pipes
If you have pipes that you think might be more exposed by the elements, it’s a good idea to ensure they are well insulated to help prevent freezing and pipe damage.

Clear Debris from Gutters and Drains 
When it comes to drains, one of the major issues is the fact that Autumn leaves and winter dirt can slip down your drains causing blockages and potentially, damage and leaks. Getting regular drainage cleaning at your property helps keep your drains and guttering clean, year round.

Whenever you need drainage cleaning, outdoor drain unblocking, or any plumbing work at your London property, contact your local drainage cleaning company.