UncategorizedClean-up Your Drains For Summer

April 1, 2022by admin

Winter is finally on its way out and spring is in the air with warmer temperatures and eventually, less rain. At this time of year it is essential to clean out your drains and plumbing pipes. Cold temperatures, icy rain or snow can cause damage or blockages to your sewage system. Also, during the winter months, leaves, dirt and other debris may have found its way into the drains and pipes causing blockages.

The best way to check your sewers is by using a drain camera to inspect the pipes and drainage system. The camera will allow you to locate any areas of damage and to identify clogs that may be blocking the pipes. Small problems can be detected and fixed before they escalate into bigger problems

4 benefits to having a drain camera inspection:

  1. It detects the presence of any small issues, which can be repaired before they progress into serious problems.
  2. Inspecting the sewer and drainage system allows you to see what condition the pipes are in and whether maintenance or repair is needed.
  3. Proper maintenance will make your drainage system last longer
  4. You significantly save money by repairing any small issues before the damage increases and becomes more expensive.

Cleaning your drainage system and sewage
The next step is to clean the drains and sewage system. Professional plumbers advise that the sewage and drainage system needs to be cleaned every 12 to 18 months, This can be performed using a hydro flushing machine, which sends highly pressured water down into the pipes to break up and move any blockages and clean any debris from the sides of pipes. This proper maintenance of your sewer and drainage systems, will keep things moving for another year, until it’s time to spring clean again.