Uncategorized3 Ways Christmas Could Be Ruined by a Defective Drain

December 30, 2021by admin

1. Untimely clogged drains can halt that Christmas Feast

Everything is festive and fun in the house until a sudden drain clog drags the Christmas celebrations to a halt. As the winter holidays allow for gathering of friends and family, your home plumbing fixtures are put under more pressure than normal, and need open drainage to work properly. If a drain becomes clogged, the good times will be on pause until that embarrassing blocked toilet or smelly water-filled sink drain gets cleared. If the problem is caused by significant debris or objects in the drainage system, your pipes may crack or even break. This damage could lead to a further mess by potential flooding in your home. A preventative drainage inspection London based crew would be a great way to ensure no problems occur when guests arrive.

2. A stinky drain will freeze those warm and festive feelings

If you smell something like the Grinch down your drain, something is not right! Accumulated grease and food debris are a feeding ground for bad smelling bacteria in your pipes, creating unwanted odors that won’t simply flush away.  Drain odors may also be caused by a change in water pressure leading to clogs, or obstructions such as limescale building up from your washing machine or dishwasher. As your Christmas guests begin to use fixtures that don’t normally see much flow, you may experience an increase in the sewer smells as the higher loads cause additional problems.

3. Expensive repairs may be the result of surface flooding

If your gutters, soakways or downpipes are not properly cleaned out, especially after Autum’s leaf falls, you may face a problem of improper drainage causing cascading water from your roof that collects in puddles on the ground. Standing water that is left for an extended period of time will not only make getting around your house difficult, the excess moisture may begin to seep into the property’s foundation causing potentially significant damage. These types of problems lead to emergency drain service London residents would rather not deal with during a festive time of year!